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If you're a sophomore to senior come join a group to discuss the biblical book of Hosea. Hosea focuses on two things: how doubting, distant, and messed up we are but how stable, near, and unstoppably loving God is. This book is wonderful to discuss with others.

To get into a group, contact our leaders below:

Co-ed Group: Mondays 1:30pm, Location (TBD); contact Anna (713.518.2068) or Chase (972.800.3477)

Girls Group: Mondays 12pm, Location (TBD); contact Kimmy (918.584.9259)

Guys Group: Wednesdays 1:15pm at Cougar Grounds; contact Isaiah (703.727.3348)



Whether you consider yourself a "pray-er" or not, whether you have prayed for years or don't know how to at all, you're welcome in this group. The fact remains that God actually hears us when we talk to him; he actually does things when we ask him. Please join us as we pray together each week.

Time: Thursdays (subject to change)

Location: AD Bruce Religion Center chapel, 1st floor

Contact Reaunna (469.682.1917)

Contact Brandi (352.234.5723)

prayer request form

Please tell us how we can be praying for you! If you'd like to keep your request anonymous, feel free.



We'll be reading and discussing Paul Copan's "Is God a Moral Monster?" to answer some hard questions about God in the Old Testament: does he dislike women? Does he support slavery? Does he support genocide? What about those weird food and clothing laws?

Times: Fridays at 11am

Location: Student Center, top floor in Museum District room

Contact Brooks (615.405.0040)


Freshmen Co-Ed Bible Study

If you're a freshman guy or girl, come join us to discuss the bare-bones of Christianity. This is a great time to meet new people and to study the Bible together!

Time: Mondays 6pm

Location: Student Center

Contact Brooks (615.405.0040)