Campus Minister


Brooks was born in Texas (woo!) and grew up in Nashville, TN. During his first year at the University of Tennessee he met his one-day-wife Meredith. Brooks came to college as a new Christian seeking answers and Meredith came to college looking for a good community. They found both in RUF.

After they graduated, they got married and moved to Nashville, TN for Brooks to work as an intern with RUF at Vanderbilt University. After three years they moved to St. Louis, MO for Brooks to get a pastoral degree from Covenant Theological Seminary and for Meredith to style hair. After four years they moved to begin work with RUF at the University of Houston. In November 2018 they had their first baby girl, Sophie (who is the cutest creature on earth).

Meredith loves cupcakes, currently binge-watches One Tree Hill, is an avid reader, knows more about football than her husband, and has an artsy flair when it comes to design.

Brooks loves Harry Potter and dorky books, currently binge watches Friday Night Lights with Meredith, wants to be a super hero, can be found either in a gym or in a coffee shop, and would befriend a brick wall if he could.

Instagram: @brooksharwood


Cell: 615.405.0040




Campus Intern

Eva was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. In Charleston, Eva attended the French Huguenot Church. She is a graduate of Ashley Hall, and decieded to leave home for college.

It wasn't as far as possible, but Texas called her away. Eva is a proud graduate of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, with degrees in Sport Management and French. She went to RUF with her freshman roommate the first week of college, and she never stop going. At SMU, Eva was also involved in Gamma Phi Beta, Intramural sports, and everything SMU Basketball. When not at school, she spent many college summers in the mountains of North Carolina working at a sleep away camp.

Eva loves watching sports, knitting, cross stitching, and being with great friends! She can't wait to see what the next two (maybe 3) years have to offer with the Cougars of UH! Pony Up!!


Cell: 843.637.0387




Campus Intern

This is Isaiah’s third year in Houston. Born in Cleveland, raised in Dallas, Isaiah went to high school in Northern Virginia and was accepted into Virginia Tech in 2011 with the intent to pursue a major in Chemistry. After realizing that Chemistry was not meant to be, he took a break from school before coming back and graduating with a B.A in English Literature.

During the first several years in college, Isaiah bounced around several campus ministries before stumbling into RUF large group one night in his Junior Year. He was surprised to find a community willing to walk alongside him and help him come to terms with his struggles through the gospel. Wanting to help others do the same, he applied for the RUF internship, got the job, and drove all the way from Blacksburg, Virginia to love the students as best as he can.

He looks forward to finishing the internship at UH while pursuing a MDiv with Covenant Seminary.

Isaiah is a lover of the finer things in life: dipping sauces, memes, sports, reading, and video games. You can find him drinking tea at Cougar Grounds, exploring BBQ joints and food trucks, or trying to blend in with the students at the Student Center. You can also find him trying (and failing) to spike the volleyball on Fridays at the Rec or trying his best to ball on the basketball courts.


Cell: 703.727.3348