Gathering every Wednesday for food, worship, a sermon, and fun after! Open to ANYONE whether you go to UH or not, whether you’re a Christian or not, religious or not!

Location and Time: Wednesday’s, 7pm at The University of Houston in the A.D. Bruce Religion Center, 2nd floor.

FREE Food @ 7

Worship from 7:30-8:30pm. Coral Sword after.

Large Group Series this Semester: “Doubts and Defeaters: Big Questions for a Big God.” Each Wednesday we’ll be taking a tough question we have for God, the Bible, and for Christianity and offering some answers: Is the Bible reliable? If God is good and powerful, then why is there suffering and evil? Did Jesus rise from the dead? What is the relationship between science and Christianity? Is Christianity socially divisive? If God is loving, how can he be wrathful? And more.

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Small Groups

Freshmen Bible Study: Basics of Christianity, Mondays 4pm or 6pm, Student Center

Upperclassmen Bible Study: Interactions with Jesus; Co-ed Wednesdays 1pm (Cougar Grounds), Guys Thursdays 4pm (Student Center next to Starbucks), Girls Thursdays 4pm

Theology Study: Book study through Scott Sauls’ Jesus Outside the Lines. Discussing hot topic, polarizing issues like politics, abortion, poverty, money, sexuality, hypocrisy, the institutional church, and more to see how we can engage people along these issues truthfully and lovingly.

Prayer: Thursdays, 2:30pm, downstairs chapel in the AD Bruce Religion Center. Click here if you want to fill out our prayer request form.


Q & A Thursdays

Grab some coffee with Brooks and feel free to ask any question you want about life, God, Christianity and anything in between. All questions welcome.

Time and Location: Thursdays, 10am-11:45am (come and go). Cougar Grounds coffee shop.

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Lunch at McAllister’s every Friday at 12pm. Come join us!



Fridays in the UH Rec Center, 1pm-3pm, behind the basketball courts in the glass rooms.

So this is volleyball but indoors with walls. It’s fun! All skill levels welcome.